I just had to read news articles this morning, didn't I? I'll have my eyes on Egypt, hoping that turns for the better, but for now lets address an issue in the states--

C'mon white house, let's be honest. You didn't want a train wreck happening in October to damage the chances of your party winning the house, so you just delayed O-Care until after the 2014 elections. Seriously, if this was such a...n issue that you see the need for a delay, why wasn't this addressed in 2009, when all these companies were telling you the same stuff and raising the same concerns that you are finally acknowledging?

Or was it because, like Nancy Pelosi said, "We need to pass the bill to see whats in it", and NOW you're just realizing the complexity that comes with trying to overhaul one of the most pro-active, compassionate health care systems in the world (regardless of being able to pay for treatment or not).. you mean to tell me these companies read the bill faster and more comprehensively than you and your party did? It is YOUR law/Act, isn't it?.. just saying...

Now you have delayed coverage to lower income families (some who were counting on it to benefit their families), and now you have showed me that you can't even manage to get your "top priority" in place when you said you would. Kind of like our timeline for leaving Afghanistan, or strengthening relations with countries in the middle east, or reducing drone strikes, or being in the middle and bringing both parties together, or being transparent (all the denied/stripped FOIA requests), or "no lobbyists in my cabinet", or... but, I digress.. I'm sure some of my friends may find me to be a little too cynical with this.

With all those top priorities, no wonder he can't manage any of them--

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