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I see Hobby Lobby is threatened to be fined over $1 million dollars a day if they don't provide coverage for the morning after pill (which is not a right, but a personal choice) and other forms of birth control. This is really a violation of the US constitution and far from any real human right. This is a choice, just as I choose to mow my lawn rather than hire a company to do it for me, put money in savings paying .08% interest vs. spending it or investing it, buy organic food instead of processed food, etc. All are choices, not a right that I'm entitled to. This same fine is applied to any other private business in America that chooses not to provide this coverage for their employees.

Then, I see Planned Parenthood receives a record amount of our tax dollars this year for their "organization" (again, thanks to our new health care law).

I think about the name "planned parenthood". I look at the correlation between the name Planned Parenthood and what it stands for, which looks to imply "planning to be a parent". Next, we look at Planned Parenthoods advocation for abortion, contraception, birth control, etc. (which is what Planned Parenthood strongly supports and receies our tax dollars for, among its other functions), and we see how all those methods are designed to prevent someone(s) from being/becoming parents and taking on such responsibility.

A simple look shows that Planned Parenthood advocates the very opposite of what their name descibes. I would expect them to assist in helping you become parents, and preparing/PLANNING for parenthood, not providing solutions to circumvent it.

So, our tax dollars are thrown at a group that doesn't even actually do what its name implies, but we force a private company (again unconstitutional) to pay excessive amounts of money because either 1) they can't afford to do it, or 2) they don't choose to do it because it does not fit their companies principles/beliefs/obligations. Remember, employee's know this ahead of time when they are hired and this is disclosed to them. Even more the employee has the ability to leave the company and go find a job with one that does provide such coverage should they not like the options provided.

This just feels completely backwards to me. As if the opposite of what anyone with common sense would do...

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