I tell you, news corporations love these kinds of days. Their lives become so easy as long as bad things happen nationally or internationally. Steve Jobs passed away.  Headline across all major news networks? to paraphrase, "Steve Jobs passes away".  The articles all tell the same story. It's as if the networks meet up and go over notes together and then roll out generic articles with a couple tweaks so as not to appear the same.  I think it is a shame that Jobs has passed away so soon, especially to pancreatic cancer.  What a terrible way to go, life deteriorates so fast. I will say that I don't fully agree with all the people crying from the rooftops, as if Apple is dead.  I think he is a great business man, and a very driven CEO. I think his real skill was taking a company that was hidden in the shadow of Microsoft and turning it into the leader of personal computer innovation, something that Micrsofot thought it had all wrapped up. He wasn't a genius, just smart and strategic.  He hired great people, that did great analysis, which allowed him to make smart decisions. I am sad that he has passed away so soon, but I can only hope that his passing doesn't hurt the momentum Apple has.

On a lighter note, Addi, reached 6 months yesterday. Unfortunately, our little celebration was overshadowed by a visit to the doctor for a check up and some vaccinations. Shes a champ though, she got 2 shots and barely shed a tear.  She cried for about a minute (if that) and calmed right down.  Not sure if it was the fact that mom was carrying her, but, for the benefit of the doubt, it probably was.  Going to bed was another story (sore little legs!!) She has been sitting up even more, loves to talk (typical Lukas), and giggles like crazy. Watching her develop baffles me.  I wish I could learn things as fast as she does. If she can't do something one day, the next day she can!

I touched base with a friend via Facebook the other night (I know, I'm stating the obvious of what we all do on that site).  I find out that he is living in Philidelphia and is starting a company called Paradigm Magazine.  It is a magazine dedicated to art and features a select number of new age artists.  He's already lining up art shows and working on the website.  check it out http://paradigmmagazine.com/site/  best of luck Theo!

Blogging is weird, I don't normally do this, but it is fun.  Hopefully people care enough to read and follow along as this progress

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