Life is busy, so writing is hard, but I will keep writing when I have the time. I am really annoying with all these "themed" named groups and web sites. All these groups and website that are about freedom, loving america, prepare yourself, etc. all have names like Tea Party Patriot, MyPatriotSupply, AmericanPatriot, blah blah.. do you really have to make it so cheesy? The NRA is a staple for some of the basic american rights, some of the basic principles that Americans citizens are entrusted to maintain- right to arms, freedom of speech, right to defend yourself, etc. and their name is sensible. Just annoying,the other groups just water down the true meaning of patriot and American, and make it a tiresome word to hear.. like the word Epic- over used by media, and now we're burned out on the word..thats the last thing I want from my country for Patriot and America. Anyways, as I digress from my random thought, I want to get to my main topic...

So far since I last wrote, we have had:

Obama and the white house constantly try to spin Benghazi while being caught over and over in its lies.

IRS has been exposed for delaying non-profit group status to anyone with a conservative voting record or conservative/patriot group mission statement, all the while liberal groups were approved at quick speed, and Obama's brother in Kenya received expedited approval for his non profit, PLUS it was back dated over 2.5 years (which is illegal).

Snowden, an NSA whistleblower, goes public with information that the public pretty much knows without being told (even the movied portray it left and right)- the NSA/FBI/Government all listen and monitor your calls, emails, chats, texts, computers, etc. and logs them all in a giant databases without warrant or permissions

Eric hold has been assigned to investigate himself on these matters since it was he who approved such things..

Now all these have been brought to the attentions of the directors, management, white house, and all claims to have no knowledge, no meetings or briefing on such activity, nothing. They are not accountable for those actions.

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