I am listening to all the shouting from the roof tops about how the sky is going to fall if we don't resolve this sequester issue. I look around and I see a couple of things.

1.) The 84 billion that is talked about is like a time release capsule. Its not instant, its over time. The cuts that impact many areas are not active after midnight, Friday 2/28/13. They are over X years. The total cut is so miniscule its laughable when you compare it to the amount of cuts Americans across the country are making in order to be able to pay their mortgage, pay utility bills, fill up their cars, buy food for their families, etc.

2.)Our congress has not passed a budget in over 4 years (going on 5). Yet, they have increased spending this year. If this 84 billion is that significant amongst the already huge increases in spending (money that is still being printed and still waiting to be distributed). I recall the whole "pay as you go" speech Obama gave, but we still havn't seen any accountability. Thanks in part to not passing a budget. Something myself, and majority of Americans could never think of doing.

3.) I find it funny- Obama suggested the sequester, enlisted help to create it (this guy never does anything on his own, its either crafted for him, or he gets help from various outsiders), and voted for it in 2010. The deal? find areas to cut fat in the government or we'll automically enforce cuts to these X areas. So, this is in reality, Obama's doing and attacking to himself. Something he could have avoided for over 2 years.

How could it be avoided? Simple. The sequester focuses on the jugular of our countries economy and safety. Some areas claimed to be affected- The borders, the military,Dept of Defense, schools, teachers, welfare recipients, assistantance programs, local emergency services, etc. All things that strike home with Americans. These things are the most relevent to keep budgets for right now. Review these areas later when we have already started to get our spending in the right direction. But, instead of looking at the GSA's $800,000 lavish outings, the EPA's closed door law suit settlements paid out to green activist groups, the bloated amount of governemnt employees that couldn't be maintained unless we increase taxes to cover our spending (red flag that it can't be afforded and will collapse), the amount of tax money wasted in the process to get welfare to a welfare recipient; Obama focuses on the things that are actually the responsbility of our federal governement to maintain. The protection of the citizens- cut.Military and Defense will have to slash budget. The borders? Cut. Allowing more illegal immigrants to live here for free and received hand outs (I know it makes sense.). These are two of many.

So, I wonder...

Did Obama put a knife to the jugular of the USA in hopes that it would intimidate a congress that loves to do nothing but spend tax money without any worry of accoutability to pay for it? 

Did he think to himself "we can cut a lot of areas, if I structure it this way...That'll scare them into cooperating!"? 

Perhaps. Stupid, but perhaps.

Or was it intentional because he knew there was such grid lock that nothing would be done, and he could paint the picture that its the fault of the republicans. Make them the scape goat. The ones to blame, and then when the house and senate election comes in November of 2013, the people will vote out the republicans and vote in more democrats, thus, have control. A super majority as its called when a party dominates 60% of the Senate and House. Could that be his plan? I leave it you, but it seems like the latter of the two is the trick up his sleeve.

Why? Because Obama designed and signed the Sequester into law instead of saying "whoa whoa, wait a minute. We have bloated spending in all departments. We can cut 2% from various areas while preserving our true responsibilities- the defense, teachers, emergency services, low taxes, etc. Yet, he didn't. 

Remember of the trillions we are spending this year, the cut is only 84 billion over time, not instant. Don't be a sheep, look at whats really at stake and you'll realize that at the end of the day, all that is really falling from the sky is a rain drop.



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