I can summarize the explanation in one sentence.

It's a tax payer funded job market.

So, in the end, the government worker is at the mercy of 2 things- the economy and ultimately the american tax payer (which includes small business).

I am writing this because I got into a Facebook debate with teachers over a teacher strike happening at a local school. The things these striking teacher have done (intimidate the newly hired subs and chase them away, tell the kids to be disobedient, the shouting/yelling at parents/school staff, the blocking of staffs cars from entering exiting buildings, etc.) were really pissing me off, considering these teachers kept saying they cared so much about the children and its not their (the teachers unions) fault that the children have to suffer.

It is the teachers fault. They don't seem to get the fact that they live in a tax payer driven industry. Communities don't want their taxes going up, especially now. Frankly, taxes are a citizens worst enemy due to the unjustified withdrawal of money that is rightfully yours. Many families have had to make drastic cuts to their life styles as a means to keep their family afloat. So, don't complain to me that you are outraged that a school wants to freeze your pay, or can't meet your new pension demands. Its the reality of your profession, and its common knowledge that majority of schools have had less and less money every year for their programs, updates, staff, and curriculum, etc.

People have to realize that teachers are not driven by consumer supply and demand, they are driver by governments involvment in your child's education. Governments rely on the tax payer to keep their government program funded. If the funds decrease, cuts have to be made. If the funds, increase you can save the money for a rainy day or invest it in necessary updates, pension plans, salary's etc. Its the vicious cycle that plagues government programs and their bloated unneccessary spending- the fact that cash flow is volatile and does not continuously increase.

I just needed to make a point. Rembmer, your government job is not decided by a consumer market, its decided by the american tax payer. You (government worker) knew that when you took job (if not, your own fault for not doing your own due diligence and being realistic). Now, get off your high horse, suck it up, stop whining, and start teaching your course. It's funny how teachers say they are underpaid, but they didn't choose it for the pay, they chose it because they love their job..Yet, look what's happening in Strongsville, OH if they don't get their way. Hypocrisy at its finest..

-Lukas, out

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