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I've been busy, havn't been able to write lately. But all is well. Well, except for my daughter had a cold for a couple of days, and our son had a terrible congested cough and runny nose due to the weather change. Oh, and..

  • North korea is moving ever more closely to wanting to blow someone/something up,
    -Iran is expanding is nuclear reactors amidst the earthquakes its been having
  • China has a breakout of a new flu strand that is contracted through eating infected chicken (as far as they know at the moment).
    -Oklahoma just had a couple earthquakes,
    -Massachusetts just passed a major gun ban law that is the strictest in history
    -Colorado has banned the most common hunting shotgun due to its shell capacity
    -Cyrpus, Greece is taking money from its depositers to cover its wreckless spending (talk about punishing the people for a problem that was created by only a few)
  • -Margaret Thatcher dies (fought for European poor to have oppotunity to make it against the elite) and the europeans play 'Ding Dong the Witch is dead'. Clueless people..
  • Hugo Chavez dies, and we see he had billions in the bank, while his people suffered every day (even though he claimed to 'fight' for them, typical dictator speak)
-The boston marathon had 2 bombs detonated at the finish line injuring 170 people, killing 3

I would mostly like to focus on the marathon because it should ring some bells. With the latest ban on guns to help deter public shootings and violence, this poses an example of how it really won't make a difference. The reason is because anyone with a motive to harm others will find a way, whether they drive their car through the middle of the race or some other means. They will find a way to accomplish their goal partially or entirely.

Besides that, the boston marathon is a prime example of whats to come in the future of our country. To us right now, this is crazy. We aren't used to seeing this, it rarely happens. But, I'm afraid this is only the beginning of the environment our children will be forced to live. 
    An environment where police, federal agents, and authorities will try to more closely monitor everyone in every way (violating all our rights in the name of security and safety. Which is always the first step to eliminating freedom and the liberties that come with it).
    An environment where our kids are more desensitized to a bomb going off in a shopping mall or street. A shooting at a store or school. A stabbing.Or even mass riot against a group of people, organization, business, political leaders, voters, workers, civilians, etc. 
    I want to link to some articles here with pictures, i might save some and add them myself in case those sites eventually purge their records of such things due to its graphic nature (in these days if someone is offended, the response is to give them what they want, rather than decide how to handle it ratioanlly). As I watched Fox News (yes, because they ARE accurately reporting, without labeling the attack immediately as a domestic right wing terrorist- MSNBC Chris Mathews). I sent my father a text while watching the live, raw feed. I saw people just bloodied all over. Faces, arms, legs, bodies all burned, cut up, or severed. A man rolls by on a wheel chair with his on his shin bone left on his lower leg. A Wonman with a mangled hand. A woman on a stretcher with her one leg stright foot point up, and her left leg all cut up, thigh facing up, knee and below twisted inward. This is to give you an idea of what this little incident did. Some heavy damage. It killed an 8 year old. I saw a fold n' go stroller right by the blast area all mangled, and thought of someone with a small child, 9 mths, 2 years, 8 years? I hoped to god they had just parked the stroller and carried their kid away on their shoulders or something to see the race.
    No one claims responsiblity, and if it was a terrorist attack, it was a huge failure on their part, pathetic. Which is why I feel it had to be a domestic person acting on their own or with a very small group of people.  Or could it be that no terrorist group wants to take responsibility because the attack was botched and they didn't want to look incompetent to America and its allies? Only one terror group says they are glad that we have had this happen to us.
    But why? Why are they glad and so determined this happens to us? Because it happens in the middle east every day and its not fair that we don't experience in our country? That we are "world police" that no one like or appreciates, but at the first sign of danger or struggle, they all come to us for help? It makes no sense. This sort of thing should never happen. I'm furious. I'm in the wrong profession. I want to be at that scene wrapping their leg, rushing them to the hospital. I want to be searching the scene for other weapons or suspicious activity. I want to scour video and photos and look for anything out of the ordinary. But, i feel that way for the people in Africa, Ethiopia, and other starved countries. I feel that way for the people being kidnapped and sold into slavery in Thailand. Its my nature, I guess. I can't sit back and watch it unfold and not want to react. So, its hard to watch it, see whats happening, and feel helpless because your hundred of miles away. Below are some links (and hopefully some

TheBlaze has many pictures 

The Daily Mail's Pictures

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