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I have had the luxury of playing with the Apple iPad last night.  What a unique piece of technology!!  We are slowly getting to the age of clip board size hand helds that we can write our notes, read books or news papers, surf the web, etc.  Sure, the iPad is not perfect.  Although, I will say that Apple does a great job with their QA.  The user experience is excellent. Overall, I give it a 4 out of 5.  Mostly because of the price.  I don't agree paying that high amount to be the first person to have it.  Just like previous Apple products, the price will come down significantly in the future, new perks or improvements will be added, and it will be worth my money.

Side note: Amazon's Kindle better take some drastic improvements or really build their partnerships/strategic alliances because they will be taking a heavy hit from the iPad in the future.

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