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Here's some irony for everyone-

Tomorrow you can no longer buy anything larger than a 16 oz drink from a restaurant in NYC (gas stations and grocery stores excluded). Mayor Bloomberg and friends feel this will cure the obesity epidemic that apparently plagues NYC (not because of pizza, buffets, etc..no, not those). BUT, you still have the right to choose to abort your baby. They feel you are qualified to make that choice, but you don't have the capacity to make the choice for an alternative drink size...

Coffe chains Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are affected. Some of their drinks are exempt because it has half milk in it (still doesn't the calories of the drink). Both companies have to change how some drinks will be made (no sugar in them), and eliminate their inventory of cups larger than 16 oz for those drinks, since they are worthless.

I can't help but laugh how fast things have changed in NYC. Heck, you can't even have water served to your table in a restuarant without you asking for it first, otherwise the restaurant could be fined. The influence of the NYC government in the personal matters of its citizens is quite funny. Remember, they feel you are qualified to choose whether or not to abort your baby, but not qualified to make a simple choice in drink size.

Imagine what would happen if Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks pulled out of NYC until the ban was lifted because of the impact to their profit margin- I'd bet the city would be in chaos..

Oh,did I mention how bad the NYC public schools are? approx 80% can't read/write correctly.. so glad NYC politics has their priorities straight...elections have consequences

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