Good morning. Its early, but I read some stories and I found something funny. Our president has now said that they believe Iran is about 1 year away from developing a working nuclear bomb. Mind you, when he ran for office in 2008, he said that Iran was a little country that poses no threat to us. Despite all the constant warnings of their development, the russians assisting them with creating the technology for the enrichment centers (why do that? Do the Russians have other tricks up their sleave? Putin is definetly no diplomatic friendly guy with changing the russian laws/processes back to Stalin era methods, and his obvious distaste for the US and its allies). Despite the fact that we infected the iranian enrichment centers with the Stuxnet virus to "slow" things down. In reality, it put the iranians in total grid lock and set them back a long time. If the US hitting Iran with that virus doesn't show we already know how close they are to a nuke, I don't know what does. Despite Israel warnings us since before 2008 that Iran sought to create nuclear bombs and focus them on Israel and its allies. Despite the assassination of iranian scientists by Israel, our new leader and his staff felt Iran was not THAT big of a threat.

Now, our president hops on a flight to meet with Bibi Netanyahu in Israel to talk strategy. His first question is about the threat of Iran, where he admits that they are about 1 year away from a nuclear bomb, and we don't want to let things get too close before we act..ummmmm, I'd say things already are a little too close.

Did I mention that iran has a bunch of sanctions on them right now due to this, but somehow still find the uranium to develop and enrich? Did I also mention that they just recently (about a mont ago) announced they found a huge uranium deposit in their country? so much for sanctions, so much for UN intervention, so much for anything but Stuxnet and maybe another overnight air strike from Israel. 

I write this because it is frustrating that the public and our allies have seen Iran rapibly on the verge of developing a nuclear bomb, but our president refused to take it seriously (or does he not care on purpose? thanks to the internet, you'll be able to youtube all his responses, speeches, and press coverage to see how he snubbed Israel countless times for basketball games, lunches, or whatever leisure he felt was more important). I write this because simple minded americans, those who don't even care about politics and wish we would let the other parts of the world function without our intervention were even making the assessment back then that Iran was hell bent on developing a nuke. Search Ahmadinejad's comments at the UN and about Israel. Denies the Holocaust existed (claims it was made up), tells the UN their peaceful (ha! all those foreign hikers, tourists, and citizens who used twitter, all imprisoned for no reason or for unjustifiable ones- many executed) All the signs have been there for so long, all the red flags, all the actions that scream we need to this man seriously because he has no care what the rest of the world thinks. He only cares about developing the bomb, using that as leverage to gain more power in the global spectrum, and then who to use it on...

We live in dark time, more has happened in the past 12 years so rapidly then I can fathom happened in the past 50. the 1900's had 2 world wars, vietnam, and the korean war to name a few- all very bad. But, now we live in a time where you don't send troops to do all the dirty work. Technology does. You use drones and satellite guided bombs. Viruses, hackers, Anonymous, LulzSec, KnightSec, CIA, NSA, Kremlin, China Intelligence- All have hacked all they can from anyone. Shut down anyone, breach whatever is necessary, stolen top secret plans/designs/blue prints. Thanks to apps like Tor, they can cover their tracks in seconds. The world wars required man power, artillery, and took years to resolve. You can bring down an entire power grid, the stock market, or whatever your malicious hacker heart desires in the click of a button...That doesn't include the drones used for surveillance and bombing (which were hacked  and landed at their own base by iranians on one of our fly overs, and in under 20 minutes by a professor a few students from a university in Texas). Our american are being constantly stripped piece by piece. Our politicians havn't had a budget in over 4 years which means there is no real accounts sheet that shows where our money has been spent.  Like, I said dark times.. because it can all change at the click of a button...



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